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A Guide to Dating Vietnamese Women: Tips and Advice for a Successful Relationship

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Vietnamese women are respected for their strength, intelligence, and beauty. This article provides an in-depth look at the culture of Vietnamese women – from how they were raised to what values they hold dear today. 

Discover more about Vietnamese females and find out why so many around the world admire them as role models.

What Are Vietnamese Women Like?

Vietnamese women are strong, resilient, and beautiful. They have a unique set of characteristics that make them stand out from other Asian cultures. 

Appearance traits, personality traits, and common stereotypes of Vietnamese women will be explored to give readers a better understanding of these amazing people.

Appearance Features

Vietnamese women typically have long black hair, almond-shaped eyes, and smooth skin tones ranging from light olive to tan-yellow. 

Skin Tone

Vietnamese ladies have a light complexion, with tones ranging from pale ivory to golden. Skin tone is largely determined by the amount of melanin in their skin, and Vietnamese women typically have lower levels than other ethnicities. 

As such, their complexions tend to be fairer and more even-toned compared to those of similar Asian heritage. In addition, they often have smooth, delicate skin that resists aging due to genetics as well as lifestyle factors such as diet and skincare routine.

Hair Type

The hair types of Vietnamese women can vary greatly depending on the region in which they live or their ancestry. However, many are known for having thick black hair that is silky and straight when worn down naturally or wavy when styled with curling irons or rollers. 

They may also opt for lighter colors like browns and blondes if desired without compromising the quality or health of the hair follicles due to their natural resilience against harsh chemical treatments like bleaching agents often used for color processing.

Facial Features

Vietnamese women possess distinct facial features, including small eyes that range from deep browns up to lighter shades like hazel; high cheekbones; an oval face shape; full lips; a pointed chin; and arched eyebrows.

All this is framed within a symmetrical structure that creates an overall balanced look. 

Many find these traits attractive because it gives them a unique beauty different from Western standards while still maintaining classic East Asian characteristics associated with traditional beauty ideals found throughout Southeast Asia

Personality Traits

Vietnamese culture is known for its strong emphasis on family values, which often translates into their personalities as well; loyalty, respectfulness, and kindness towards others are all very important qualities in Vietnamese society that many young girls learn at an early age.

Vietnamese women tend to be quite hardworking due to their upbringing, with traditional beliefs about education being highly valued.

They strive toward success even if it means leaving home or working extra hours after school/work just so they can provide for themselves or their families.

Most Common Stereotypes in Vietnamese Women

Some of the most common stereotypes associated with Vietnamese women include being submissive housewives who only want to please their husbands while sacrificing personal ambitions; having limited education. 

Not speaking English fluently; not pursuing higher degrees such as college/university degrees beyond secondary schooling; having only traditional career options such as teaching or nursing etc.

All of which can be seen as generalizations rather than actual facts, since there has been an increasing number of successful female professionals within Vietnam who defy these outdated ideas!

Dating Vietnamese girls

Do Vietnamese Women Make Good Wives?

Vietnamese women make excellent wives because of their traditional values, strong family ties, and marriage commitment. Vietnamese culture places great importance on tradition and respect for elders. 

This is reflected in the behavior of Vietnamese women, who are expected to be obedient and follow the rules set by their parents or elders at home or in public. 

They are known to be incredibly loyal partners, as they pride themselves on remaining devoted throughout any relationship. Vietnamese tend to prioritize family above all else, which can make them wonderful partners, as they will always put their partner’s needs before their own interests. 

They also understand the importance of communication and compromise in a relationship so that both parties are satisfied with each other’s decisions. 

Many Vietnamese take marriage seriously and see it as an opportunity for personal growth and stability. That means couples are more likely to go through difficult times together, as there is less fear of commitment compared to Western standards, where divorce rates soar year after year. 

All of these factors contribute to making Vietnamese women the ideal choice for lifelong partners if you are looking for someone dedicated and reliable from day one.

Where To Meet Vietnamese Women In Vietnam?

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia, and it has a rich culture and history. The country is also known for its friendly people, great food, and stunning landscapes. 


One of the best places to meet Vietnamese girls in Vietnam is at nightclubs. There are plenty of clubs all over the country where you can find live music and dance with lots of young people looking for a good time. 

Most clubs have an entrance fee that includes drinks as well, so it’s worth considering if you want to save money on drinks while having fun! 

If you’re lucky enough to get invited by someone who knows how things work, then your experience should be even better, as they will know what types of parties or events might suit your interests best!


Parks are another excellent place to meet up with local Vietnamese women during the day or night depending on when they feel like going out for some fun activities such as jogging or playing badminton etcetera.

Here everyone tends more towards openness since usually, no alcohol consumption takes place meaning conversation topics tend towards lighter subjects rather than drinking-related ones, making them perfect environments for getting acquainted safely without any pressure.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls provide yet another opportunity for meeting up with locals due mainly thanks to their large size & wide variety of shops/restaurants within

Creating natural opportunities to interact through various activities whether grabbing something to eat together, buying gifts from each other, trying out different clothing styles etcetera. 

Many malls feature movie theaters, meaning those comfortable hanging around longer periods of time could opt to watch films afterward too!

Vietnamese chicks

Where to Meet Vietnamese Women Online?

Meeting Vietnamese women online can be a great way to find potential matches and build relationships with people from different parts of the world. 

These are some of the best places to meet Vietnamese women online and how you can go about making meaningful connections through these platforms.

Dating Apps 

One of the most popular ways to meet Vietnamese women is through dating apps. These apps allow users to browse profiles and make connections in their own time by swiping left or right on potential matches.

They offer features such as messaging systems where you can get to know someone better before deciding if you want to pursue a relationship further. 

Social Media Platforms 

Social media platforms are also great for connecting with potential partners from around the world. 

Facebook has become increasingly popular for finding dates among its 2 billion active monthly users because it allows individuals to filter searches based on interests, location, age range, etc.

Allowing them to narrow down their options quickly and easily. Other social media sites like Twitter and Instagram are also useful tools for meeting new people since there’s so much content that makes it easy for interested parties to start conversations about topics that interest them both.  

Video Chatting Platforms 

Another excellent way to meet someone new from Vietnam is by using video chat platforms that have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience and affordability when communicating with someone at a long distance.

Through video chatting, you can quickly establish a connection with someone located overseas without ever leaving your home! 

This provides an ideal opportunity for both parties involved since they get the chance of getting acquainted before deciding whether they want to pursue something further offline together at a later stage if desired.  

How to Date a Vietnamese Girl? 

If you’re looking to date a Vietnamese girl, there are some tips and tricks that will help you have a successful relationship.

5 Tips for Dating Vietnamese Girls

Respect Her Culture 

One of the most important things to remember when dating any girl is to show respect for her culture. This applies particularly when it comes to Vietnamese girls, as they take their family values very seriously and want someone who can appreciate them too. 

Showing an interest in her culture, trying out new dishes, or even learning some words of her language can go a long way in impressing your special Vietnamese girl!  

Be Patient 

Dating anyone takes time and patience, but this is especially true with dating a Vietnamese girl.

It often takes longer for them to open up due to cultural differences, so be patient while you get to know each other better over time, rather than expecting an instant connection right away.  

Pay Attention To Your Appearance

Making sure that she sees ‘you’ as well groomed is important; no one wants someone who looks disheveled or sloppy all the time!

Don’t forget about personal hygiene either; having bad breath isn’t going to win points with anyone, let alone someone from another culture, so make sure that’s under control before making advances on any potential dates, or else she might run away screaming (literally)!  

Be A Gentleman

This may sound like old-fashioned advice, but being chivalrous will always stand out in Vietnam where traditional gender roles still play quite an influential role in society: opening doors for her, offering compliments here and there, etc. 

All these little gestures add up over time, which could put you ahead of others who want your Vietnamese girl’s attention.

Appreciate Her Traditions & Customs

Vietnam has many unique customs such as ancestor worship ceremonies, which can range from simply visiting gravesites during certain festivals all the way through elaborate banquets – both of which require lots of preparation beforehand by everyone involved. 

Being aware of these traditions shows respect not only towards your partner but also towards her ancestors – something which will surely bring smiles all around come celebratory times. 

Vietnamese ladies

Dating Etiquette in Vietnam

The dating etiquette in Vietnam is an important factor to consider when participating in relationships, whether short or long-term. 

It’s essential for individuals to understand the proper way of treating their partners so that both parties can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling relationship

In Vietnam, it is not uncommon for couples to meet each other through family members or friends. This means that the first date should be handled with respect and politeness, as this could determine how future meetings will go. 

It’s also important to remember that many Vietnamese people are conservative and may not approve of public displays of affection such as kissing or holding hands on a first date.

As such, it’s best to keep things casual and limit physical contact until you get to know one another better. 

When it comes to gifts, Vietnamese culture has its own set of rules around them, which mostly involve avoiding expensive presents at all costs; instead opting for something more meaningful such as personalized items like cards or handmade crafts.

Along with this, it’s also important not to present your partner with lavish gifts too early into the relationship, as this could raise suspicions about your intentions towards them – especially if they come from different social backgrounds than you do!

Things to Avoid When Dating a Vietnamese Woman

Dating a Vietnamese girl is an exciting experience and can be quite rewarding. There are some important things to keep in mind, however, when dating a Vietnamese girl. Here are some tips on what you should avoid when dating a Vietnamese girl. 

Being Disrespectful Of Her Culture 

Vietnamese culture has very specific expectations for men’s and women’s behavior while they are in public or private settings together. It is important to show respect for her culture by understanding these expectations and behaving accordingly. 

This includes being conscious of how you interact with other people around her, as well as not touching her or speaking too loudly in public places like restaurants or malls. 

Showing respect for her culture will go a long way toward making your relationship successful and enjoyable for both of you! 

Avoid Too Much Physical Contact  

Physical contact between members of the opposite sex in Vietnam is generally frowned upon, especially during the early stages of dating. 

So it’s best to take things slowly at first and avoid engaging in any sort of physical contact until after the two of you have become more comfortable with each other over time. This also applies to kissing on dates – wait until she feels ready before attempting anything physical! 

Avoid Being Overly Possessive  

It’s natural that if someone likes somebody else, they would want to spend as much time with them as possible, but this isn’t always desirable from the perspective of someone from another country whose views may differ from yours on relationships and courtship rituals. 

It is best to try not to be overly possessive or demanding when it comes to spending time together.

Instead, make sure that there is plenty of room allowed so that both parties can enjoy their own activities without feeling pressured into doing something because one party wants it more than the other does!

Don’t Pressure Her

No matter how comfortable she may feel about being around you – don’t pressure her into doing something she doesn’t feel ready for yet, whether that be going out late at night or having physical intimacy too soon, etc.

Respect what makes her uncomfortable, even if it means taking things slower than perhaps either one had originally intended 

This will ultimately foster stronger feelings between both partners over time, rather than compromising comfort levels just because one person ‘wants’ something sooner than later!

Popular Places for a Date in Thailand

Vietnam is a beautiful country with many great places for couples to enjoy a romantic date. From lively cities, stunning beaches, and quaint villages, there are plenty of options for an unforgettable experience. 

The following are some of the best places in Vietnam for a romantic date: 

Hoi An 

The ancient city of Hoi An is one of the most popular spots in Vietnam for couples seeking romance. This charming fishing town has cobbled streets, colorful lanterns, and delicious seafood restaurants that provide the perfect backdrop for a dreamy evening out together.

There are also several cultural attractions such as museums and temples that you can explore together during your visit here. 

Ha Long Bay 

Ha Long Bay is another top destination in Vietnam where couples can enjoy an intimate experience with nature at its finest. With its towering limestone cliffs and serene waters, it’s no wonder why this place was named one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites

You can take boat rides or rent kayaks to explore all the magnificent coves and caves around Ha Long Bay on your special day out together!  

Sa Pa Town 

Located near the Chinese border, Sapa Town offers breathtaking views of terraced rice paddies and lush greenery from every angle, making it ideal for those who want to escape into nature on their date night! 

Aside from taking picturesque walks around town hand-in-hand, you can even stay overnight at some cozy homestays while admiring stars up above under clear skies when night falls upon you two lovers here!  

No matter which part of Vietnam you choose to spend time with your partner on your next date night; be sure to make lasting memories by enjoying all that this magical land has to offer!

What Leisure Activities Are Popular Among Vietnamese Women?

Vietnamese girls enjoy a variety of leisure activities that provide fun and entertainment. This includes activities such as karaoke, shopping, playing sports, and participating in traditional festivals. 


Karaoke is popular among Vietnamese girls because it provides an opportunity for them to express themselves artistically while having fun. 

Many young people go to karaoke bars or rent private rooms with friends to sing their favorite songs. Some even organize competitions among each other to see who can sing the best! 


Shopping is another favorite pastime of many Vietnamese girls. Shopping malls are full of trendy shops where they can find clothes, accessories, and cosmetics at affordable prices.

It’s also common for groups of friends to spend time together browsing through stores or markets, looking for unique items that catch their eye. 

Sports & Exercise

Sports and exercise are important aspects of the culture in Vietnam, particularly among young people. 

A lot of teenage girls participate in physical activities such as volleyball, basketball, and running – often forming teams with their peers which adds an element of competition into the mix! 

They may also take classes at local gyms or attend fitness camps during school holidays if they have extra free time on their hands.  

Traditional Festivals 

Vietnamese culture is rich with traditional festivals that bring communities together for celebrations throughout the year – from Tet (the Lunar New Year) to Mid-Autumn Festival (Tết Trung Thu). 

These events offer plenty of opportunities for socializing with family members and friends while taking part in various cultural traditions like lion dances, fireworks displays, and mooncake-eating competitions!

How to know if a Vietnamese Girl Likes You?

Vietnamese girls are known for being shy and more traditional than women from other countries. Here are various ways of knowing whether a Vietnamese girl is interested in you or not. 

Body Language 

One way of determining whether a Vietnamese girl has feelings for you is by observing her body language when you are around her. 

If she displays signs such as blushing, smiling often, leaning towards you during conversations, and maintaining eye contact with you frequently, then these could indicate that she is attracted to you.

If she starts touching your arm lightly or brushing past your shoulder, then these too could suggest that there might be something between the two of you.  

Verbal Communication 

Another way to know if that special Vietnamese girl likes you is by paying attention to how she speaks when talking with you. Does she laugh at your jokes? Does she ask open-ended questions about yourself? Does she use flirtatious tones while speaking?

If so, then these all point towards her having an interest in getting closer to know more about who personifies behind your persona better and potentially starting up something romantic between the two of both partners!  

Behavioral Changes 

When someone has feelings for another person, they tend to act differently around them compared to how they usually do in general circumstances; this also applies within the context of dating too! 

For instance, does that special Vietnamese Girl seem more eager than usual when suggesting activities for the two of us to spend together

Or does start initiating conversations without needing prompting first? Then there would probably suggest that there’s certainly some sort of potential chemistry going on here which should be further investigated even further!


Should I Expect a Language Barrier With a Vietnamese Girl?

When dating a Vietnamese girl, it is important to be aware that there may be a language barrier between the two of you. Depending on her level of English proficiency, she might not understand everything you say and vice versa.

It is also possible that due to cultural differences, there could be misunderstandings in conversations or difficulty expressing certain thoughts. Being patient and open-minded will help bridge this language gap and ensure smooth communication with your partner.

Learning a few key phrases in Vietnamese can go a long way to show respect for her culture and demonstrate effort from your side.

What Are The Gender Roles in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, traditional gender roles are deeply rooted in the culture and have been passed down through generations. Generally, men take on bread-winning responsibilities while women manage the home and care for the children.

Men are seen as providers, protectors, decision-makers, and leaders of their families; whereas women are viewed as nurturers who provide comfort to their families. 

In most cases, there is an unequal power dynamic between men and women, with male authority being more highly valued than female authority. 

Are Vietnamese Women Religious?

Many Vietnamese women are highly religious. They practice Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and other forms of folk religions. Many of them also incorporate elements from Christianity into their beliefs. 

Religion is a part of everyday life for most Vietnamese women, and they often participate in daily rituals and ceremonies to honor the gods or deities they believe in.

What is the Average Fertility Rate in Vietnam?

The average fertility rate in Vietnam is 2.00 births per woman of childbearing age. This number has been steadily declining since the 1980s when it peaked at 5.5 births per woman. 

The decrease in fertility rate reflects both social and economic changes, as well as improved access to family planning services throughout the country. 

Couples are also increasingly choosing to have fewer children or even none at all due to rising costs associated with raising a family coupled with an uncertain job market for young adults entering adulthood today.

Are Vietnamese Girls Educated?

Vietnamese women are highly educated and value education. They take pride in their learning and strive to achieve great feats of knowledge. Education is seen as a way for them to advance in life, both personally and professionally. 

With access to higher education becoming more accessible, Vietnamese women have been able to gain qualifications that can help them make a better living for themselves and their families. 

Are Vietnamese Women Good at Cooking?

Vietnamese women are renowned for their cooking skills. The cuisine of Vietnam is known for its fresh ingredients and complex flavors, all of which require careful preparation and attention to detail. 

Vietnamese women have a deep knowledge of the food they prepare and often use family recipes passed down through generations. 

How do Vietnamese women view relationships differently than other cultures?

Vietnamese women traditionally view relationships as being based on mutual respect and support. They believe that harmony is important in a marriage, and place emphasis on communication and compromise to resolve conflicts. 

Family loyalty is highly valued, with extended family often seen as an integral part of the relationship.

Is it typical for a man to pay for all expenses on dates in Vietnam? 

It is not necessarily typical for a man to pay for all expenses on dates in Vietnam, although it can be seen as a sign of respect and generosity. In many cases, couples split the costs or take turns paying.

Are there certain behaviors or activities considered taboo when dating in Vietnam? 

Certain behaviors or activities are considered taboo when dating in Vietnam. These include public displays of affection, especially kissing and touching, as well as physical contact such as holding hands. 

Overly intimate conversations should also be avoided in the early stages of a relationship. 

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